Safety Management

The following services are available for projects that require ongoing safety coverage at active work sites.

Confined Space Entry Attendant

A qualified and dedicated attendant shall monitor air quality and operations at a specific confined space entry control point to control entry, alert and direct the evacuation of entrants, initiate confined space rescue and notify emergency rescue services in the event such becomes necessary. Includes equipment. Learn more & get a quote.

Site Safety Representative (SSR) / Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO)

A dedicated on-site safety representative/health officer who shall: monitor and advise on matters of safety at work site operations; complete safety checklists against relevant OSHA standards and the insured’s HASP and other safety programs; complete daily logs tracking safety issues and their resolution; and conduct toolbox talks and retraining according to the Job Hazard Analyses, Safe Work Plans, or Activity Hazard Analyses, as appropriate.Learn more & get a quote.

Construction Health & Safety Technician (CHST)

A dedicated on-site safety engineer who has completed all perquisites and passed all exams necessary to earn their CHST certification. Learn more & get a quote.

Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

A professional who has been certified in the field of industrial hygiene and is best able to advise in environments where respiratory and other hazards are especially prevalent or complex.  Learn more & get a quote.

Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

A board-certified professional with expertise in exposures, OSHA regulations, industry standards, and the remediation of hazards, especially those found in construction. Learn more & get a quote.

Site Safety Manager (SSM)

A NYC Department of Buildings-certified site safety engineer with significant qualifying experience managing safety in large structures. Invariably possesses other, nationally-recognized certifications. Learn more & get a quote.


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