NYS Approves New Safety Bill

The spike in construction related deaths in 2017 is disconcerting, especially to the men and women who risk their lives each day to do their jobs. At the time of this writing, there were eight deaths related to construction accidents, and countless preventable injuries. That is eight deaths too many.

It is the “preventable” part that New York lawmakers are taking aim at. For eight months, New York state bandied about multiple solutions for this problem; finally, as of September 27th, they have reached a resolution.

With the boom in the New York construction industry safety precautions, which should be a priority, are increasingly dismissed as discretionary. Many of the people responsible for safety assume their work will be lost in the crowd, but regulators always make time to investigate deaths and other tragic losses. The root cause of these preventable accidents run the gamut from a lack of necessary safety equipment, such as harnesses and helmets, all the way up to unqualified safety supervision.

All of these share the loss of time, money, and…most crucially…loss of life.

The recently introduced new bill seeks to make some radical changes to the city’s current policies and procedures. New York City Council has unanimously agreed to approve a bill that now requires workers in the construction industry to have a minimum of 40 to 55 hours of specialized safety training. The bill also includes funding for temporary day workers who do not receive training directly through a company, to be able to allow them to undergo training they would normally not be able to access on their own.

Construction sites found in violation of these new safety regulations could receive up to a $25,000 fine for each untrained worker.

If there is one takeaway from the news about the new law, it is that New York City has determined it is not enough to hand an employee a safety manual and send them on their way.

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