Accidents cost money. Work is interrupted, people are injured, lawyers are called, and what began as an accident escalates into a conflict that swallows resources and goodwill. But accidents don't have to happen, and people can go about their business without suffering.

Safety Programs & Procedures

The foundation of a safe construction site is in its planning. Just as erection cannot begin without expert schematics and specifications, work cannot proceed safely unless everyone knows how. Straightforward policies encourage consistency and integrity, and identifying hazards and the necessary responses keeps people from blundering into danger. Learn more .

Site Safety

Running a tight crew means having a few key field people wearing a lot of hats, whether they are foremen, superintendents, crew leads or project managers. They are responsible for getting people on task, for making sure the work is completed according to specifications, and for producing results. They are often also saddled with all safety-related duties, and too many do not know the difference between security and safety. Making the situation even more hazardous, they will ignore safety issues because they mistakenly believe that working safely slows their crews down so that they cannot make their deadlines. They are wrong, at times, tragically, dead wrong.


Working safely means employees working with precision. Doing the right job, the way you intend for them to do it.


Safety Consulting & Compliance Corp. provides safety professionals whose task is to make certain your employees and subcontractors perform the work you set for them the way you want it performed, and watch out for any actions that could get you in trouble with OSHA and other inspecting agencies. They have no conflicting goals or distractions, and can protect your interests before injuries, fines, and delays impact your project. Learn more.

Safety Audits

President Reagan's favorite Russian proverb translated to "Trust, but verify." Having the right safety planning in place positions your employees and subcontractors to succeed in their tasks without incident, but checking that those plans are being followed makes the difference between expecting success and ensuring it. Whether you are looking for intermittent visits by a CHST for smaller projects, or frequent visits to larger projects by a board-certified CSP, we can help you verify that everyone is following the plan. Learn more.


New hires, and old hands alike not only benefit from safety training, but in some cases are legally required to undergo training every year, as is the case with Hazard Communications and the relatively new Global Harmonization Standard. We provide extensive training options, many of which can be customized to suit your specific operations. We can perform these trainings at or near your site or facilities, and combine presentation with interactive demonstrations of understanding to reinforce topic retention and demonstrate its application. Learn more.

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