Infrastructure Services

Whether your employees are laying asphalt, building bridges, servicing switchgears, or maintaining water mains, they are involved in some of the most critical and dynamic work environments in the nation. Performing their work without incident or accident requires planning and oversight, and we can support you in both.

Safety Programs & Procedures

The work you do is specialized, and requires safety programs and procedures that take into account the unique situations you work in and the methods you employ, while also keeping a keen eye on meeting your regulatory requirements. By creating a complete system that is tailored to your specific needs, you can keep your people focused and productive while avoiding citations, fines, and delays. Learn more .

Site Safety

When the job is large enough, it can become a full time job to keep track of site safety. Rather than sacrifice a skilled foreman, superintendent, or project manager on a task that they may have only a little experience with, we recommend having us provide you with dedicated site safety, able to identify and remedy hazards on the fly before they become disasters. Learn more.

Safety Audits

President Reagan's favorite Russian proverb translated to "Trust, but verify." Having the right safety planning in place positions your employees and subcontractors to succeed in their tasks without incident, but checking that those plans are being followed makes the difference between expecting success and ensuring it. Learn more.


New hires and old hands alike not only benefit from safety training, but in some cases are legally required to undergo training every year, as is the case with Hazard Communications and the relatively new Global Harmonization Standard. We provide extensive training options, many of which can be customized to suit your specific operations. We can perform these trainings at or near your site or facilities, and combine presentation with interactive demonstrations of understanding to reinforce topic retention and demonstrate its application. Learn more.

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