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In every industry, there are countless organizations that do not budget for safety. These organizations do not budget for government fines, insurance rate hikes, and legal fees either.


Such organizations inevitably fail to realize that safety is not about getting in the way when things do not go according to plan.


Safety is about taking action so that everything goes according to plan.

Construction & Trades

One of the most dangerous things a foreman can say is "Accidents happen." When they say this, they mean that they are not responsible when their work goes terribly wrong. OSHA, numerous safety organizations around the country, and Safety Consulting & Compliance Corp., however, work tirelessly to prove that accidents do not have to happen. With planning and vigilance, the work can be completed without costly delays, and without catastrophic hospitalizations. Learn more.

General Industry

An active shop filled with lifelong machinists, mechanics, welders, and others often develops a casual atmosphere. Safety glasses are left unused, hearing protection is switched out for headphones, and gloves are kept long after they have worn out. That is why some of the most damaging business interruptions are when industrial experts with unblemished records stretching back decades unexpectedly injure themselves in ways only a novice would be expected to do. The fact is, no matter how many years of experience a person may accrue, the work never becomes less hazardous. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that safety, and your top performers, never become a casualty. Learn more.

Government Projects

For projects that require the scale of budget and purpose that only government agencies and departments can provide, safety is often not only advisable, but absolutely necessary. Fortunately, Safety Consulting & Compliance Corp. is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that has demonstrated its capability in meeting the stringent standards set forth by both military and civilian departments. Learn more.

Healthcare, Residences & Hospice

Injuries and illnesses are part of the job at medical and residence facilities, but they can and should be limited to the guests rather than the staff. No one is better aware of the mounting costs of healthcare for the injured than those who provide that care to others. Preventing injuries and illnesses not only spares employees and guests their suffering, but it increases the efficiency of the workplace while avoiding issues like rising workers' compensation and general liability rates, as well as difficulty renewing insurance policies. Learn more.

Human Resources

Is this the first time? Does she get the work done? Do people like him? What happens now?

The problem with these questions is that, if they have to be asked, then they have to be answered every time your policies--official or unofficial--are violated. What is even worse, however, is that no matter how each case goes, the next will go differently, and then there are allegations of favoritism, or, worse, discrimination.


Or you can stop these questions before they are even asked. Learn more.

Infrastructure Services

Whether your employees are laying asphalt, building bridges, servicing switchgears, or maintaining water mains, they are involved in some of the most critical and dynamic work environments in the nation. Performing their work without incident or accident requires planning and oversight, and we can support you in both. Learn more.

Insurance Loss Control

Accidents cost money. Work is interrupted, people are injured, lawyers are called, and what began as an accident escalates into a conflict that swallows resources and goodwill. But accidents don't have to happen, and people can go about their business without suffering. Learn more.

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