Human Resources

Is this the first time? Does she get the work done? Do people like him? What happens now?

The problem with these questions is that, if they have to be asked, then they have to be answered every time your policies--official or unofficial--are violated. What is even worse, however, is that no matter how each case goes, the next will go differently, and then there are allegations of favoritism, or, worse, discrimination.


Or you can stop these questions before they are even asked.

Safety Programs & Procedures

Codifying your policies is key to preventing confusion and all manner of allegations. Making certain your policies meet national standards requires expert assistance, especially when employees are involved in hazardous work, ranging from driving to handling materials and using cleaning supplies. Learn more.


Getting employees spun up can take more than just issuing a handbook, and we can assist in making certain they are given the knowledge they need to perform their jobs without endangering themselves, their coworkers and your customers. Learn more.

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