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Injuries and illnesses are part of the job at medical and residence facilities, but they can and should be limited to the guests rather than the staff. No one is better aware of the mounting costs of healthcare for the injured than those who provide that care to others. Preventing injuries and illnesses not only spares employees and guests their suffering, but it increases the efficiency of the workplace while avoiding issues like rising workers' compensation and general liability rates, as well as difficulty renewing insurance policies.

Safety Programs & Procedures

Operating a large medical facility takes organization, determination, and diligence. Operating a large medical facility safely also requires policies and procedures that eliminate confusion over what is allowed, what is encouraged, and what is required. By providing employees with clear-cut instructions without any irrelevant filler allows them to focus on these key requirements, and positions them to perform at their best,  all while minimizing risk. Learn more .


No one knows how to perform a task safely unless they learn how. Allowing employees to make mistakes in order to learn may be an effective tool, but also a costly and dangerous one. Professional training can mean the difference between everyone acting from the same script and no one knowing how to handle an emergency. Learn more.

Safety Audits

Fire protection systems for which no one knows the specifications, questionable exhaust systems, and food preparation areas that regularly result in workers' compensation claims are all major liabilities that could see insurance costs skyrocket, especially during an emergency, and can result in massive legal battles. We can examine your facilities and help identify where you are most vulnerable to these losses, and can help you prioritize their remediation. Learn more.

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