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For projects that require the scale of budget and purpose that only government agencies and departments can provide, safety is often not only advisable, but absolutely necessary. Fortunately, Safety Consulting & Compliance Corp. is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that has demonstrated its capability in meeting the stringent standards set forth by both military and civilian departments.

Safety Programs & Procedures

Whether constructing new facilities under the direction of the US Army Corps of Engineers, or upgrading lighting and systems for the US Department of Energy, exceptional safety plans are mandatory, and often separate the companies that can compete from those who merely pretend. Learn more .

Safety Management

Government projects tend to be the most closely regulated and most thoroughly investigated projects in the nation. Regardless of the scale, a seemingly minor upgrade can cross the desks of some very powerful people. For this reason, planning and diligence are explicitly required in many project specifications. Among those specifications often are demands for dedicated site safety personnel.


Safety Consulting & Compliance Corp. provides safety professionals who can not only fulfill the demands of the specifications, but work to ensure your employees and subcontractors perform their work according to those specifications, and watch out for any actions that could get you in trouble with OSHA and other inspecting agencies. Our safety professionals have no conflicting goals or distractions, and can protect your interests before injuries, fines, and delays impact your project. Learn more.

Safety Inspections

Many of the same specifications that call for full-time site safety also call for oversight by specially qualified safety professionals. Whether they call for intermittent visits by a CHST, or more frequent visits by a board-certified CSP, we can help you verify that everyone is working safely, and meet your regulatory needs. Learn more.


Government projects frequently require up-to-date training and skillsets that your people may need to brush up. Whether you require a few specific topics or an in-depth certification course, we can help you be prepared and stay that way. Learn more.

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