Safety Meetings & Consultations

In addition to scheduled safety committee meetings, formal meetings between multiple parties can benefit from having someone present who can represent your interests with authority regarding safety in your operations.

When you have unexpected safety needs, SCC can also provide ad hoc consultations to help you surmount these obstacles. If your needs vary from those below, contact us to see how we might address your specific needs. Learn more & get a quote.

Multi-Party Site Safety Meeting

A safety engineer shall attend a Site Safety Meeting held among two or more parties including the client (e.g. the project owner, regulatory authorities, general contractor, subcontractors, etc.) Learn more & get a quote.

OSHA Citation Response

In the event of an OSHA citation, SCC shall coordinate with the client’s management and counsel to determine the merit of the citation, the opportunities for reducing or eliminating the citation, and the best course of action throughout the duration of the citation proceedings. Learn more & get a quote.

New York State Industrial Code Rule 59 (NYS ICR-59) Consultation

Industrial Code Rule 59 applies only to the following:

  • New York State employers
  • with $800,000 in payroll
  • and experience modification ratings greater than 120%
  • who have received a letter from the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board.


Such employers are compelled by law to participate in the Mandatory Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program, initiated by first engaging in an Industrial Code Rule 59 Consultation, or face a 5% surcharge each year until they comply. Having the consultation removes the exposure to the surcharge pending completion of the process, and will reduce workplace injuries and costs when recommendations are followed. Learn more & get a quote.

New York State Industrial Code Rule 60 (NYS ICR-60) Consultation

Industrial Code Rule 60 (ICR 60) applies only to the following:

  • New York State employers
  • with an annual Workers’ Compensation premium of at least $5,000
  • who are not a member of a safety group
  • and who possess an experience modification rating under 130%.


ICR 60 enables a voluntary, incentive-based program that rewards successful participants with credits on their Workers’ Compensation premium. The consultation is an evaluation report of the existing programs, outlining necessary recommendations to meet the application requirements for approval for the incentive program as well as re-application for renewal of previously approved programs.


SCC offers the following ICR-60 services:

  • Health & Safety Plan Evaluation
  • Return to Work Plan Evaluation


 Learn more & get a quote.


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